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You cannot directly send players from FUTBomb to your FIFA Ultimate Team account. Instead, we allow you to withdraw your earned FUTBomb Credits as FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, so you can purchase the player you packed on the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfermarket.

To withdraw FUTBomb Credits as FIFA Ultimate Team Coins you can go to your Credits page. You will need to be logged in ofcourse!

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The time to process your order or withdrawal request depends on the chosen delivery method.

The following are approximated delivery times:

  • Deposit - Instant
  • Player(s) Auction - Up to ~15 minutes
  • Comfort - Up to ~1 hour

Registered users are able to check the status of their order live by clicking here!

Rest assured our automated systems and dedicated staff are always working effortlessly to get everyone their FIFA Ultimate Team Coins as quickly as possible!

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Yes, you absolutely can! If you have a website or channel and would like to make some extra money, please allow FUTBomb to sponsor you!

You will receive a coupon code so your visitors or viewers will have the benefit of FREE discounts!

To apply for sponsorship, please click here to head over to our affiliate page.

Demo packs need not reflect actual pack contents.